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is a full-service effects studio specializing in anything and everything special makeup and effects related for the world-wide entertainment industry, except CGI and pyrotechnics.


Our expertise behind the camera has helped production achieve great success with even the most challenging of makeup and effects needs. For almost 40 years we have lived by one simple motto “Creativity Serving Imagination”

Team MEL has over 200 years of combined experience in makeup and effects design and fabrication, in the shop, and on the set. This special group of seasoned professionals have numerous awards and multiple nominations from some of the most prestigious film and Television academies, and craft guilds in the business. They have a complete understanding of the latest tools and techniques in the industry, and many times they are the innovators, having contributed more then their share of exciting and new ways to create the most spectacular illusions seen in film and Television.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us at MAKEUP & EFFECTS LABORATORIES, INC. 

We look forward to imagining with you.

-Team MEL

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